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​​Actual Testimonials on TripAdvisor  for Tom during his time at Golf Digest Golf Schools.

Tom Cannarozzo was a fantastic instructor who made the experience productive, relaxed and fun. Provided a lot of instruction over the three days, but I will be able to remember much of what I learned thanks to the notebook, online..

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Looking for a golf coach who can help you improve faster by simplifying the game and maximize your time with !00% Guarateed Results!  

Tom has over seventeen years golf coaching expereinece and has played golf for 33 yeears.

The best way to learn is on the golf course.  The only time you are actually golfing is when you on the course.

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“The Big 3” Lower scores in less time!

Save Time
The reality for most recreational golfers is that practice time is precious. It is hard for many to find the time and occasion to work on their games given the challenges of family, career, and other life interests. Of course, quality practice is the foundation for golf skill development and performance confidence. When golfers do find time to practice they are encouraged to spend their energy and attention on “The Big 3” – driving, putting, and wedge play (includes chipping, pitching, and sand play).

Why the Big 3?
The Big 3 skills make up the biggest pieces of the golf performance puzzle. By focusing your efforts on these three clubs you are likely to get the best return on the energy that you are able to spend. It is easy for a golfer to spend practice energy and time inefficiently and realize not nearly as much skill development and confidence that they may have if they instead stuck primarily on the Big 3. 

The Big Three Program:

  • 3 One Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Driver Analysis
  • What are your power leaks?
  • The Big 3 E-Book
  • Skills & Drill Manual
  • Before & After Video Analysis

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Personal coaching with Tom will cover all aspects of the game:  The process begins with an on-course assessment.

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